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I’m asked often, “What is it like to be from a family of psychics we can trace back six generations?” My children are gifted psychics so now we are 7 generations. You may imagine that much psychic energy sets off sirens yet the truth is - our energies are harnessed in love. Through love and passion I bring to every reading, you will be guided through the often turbulent waters of living. Together, we will find your true path so that you create an awe-inspiring life. ~ Elizabeth Holloway

You know Elizabeth as...

'Dreamchaser' on and 'Elizabeth' on

  • Certified, 6th Generation Psychic
  • Top Popular LivePerson Psychic
  • 20 years Enlightened Readings
  • Over 10,000 Client Reviews
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified, Tarot Certification Board

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Wonderful.... Can't wait to see how things work out. I think she is my lost family member we connected so quickly. Regina

An outstanding reading that brightens up my mind. She types fast too, and very honest, funny and sincere. Thank You! Christine


Wonderful reading - alot of information and very down to earth - funny! She is great! Thank you so much! Deb

You are does make sense and will keep u posted! thanks so so so much! Xoxoxo Susan

Thank you for beign a great listener and source of're awesome!!! Jean


AWESOME!!! try her out definately! Sarah

Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very good! give her a try she is really really good!  

always reassuring and straighforward...i return anytime i'm bothered with something Mike


Thanks, Liz! This is a link I believe will NEVER go away and needs to be dealt with by BOTH parties :) Becky

Excellent as always! Thank you Elizabeth! Jean

Love her. LOVE HER. Enough said. Heather


Amazing and just clears my mind, thanks. Deandra

Thank you Elizabeth - just in the nick of time! lovely lady, reader, insight. Liz

AWESOME! xxx I have no words!...truelly amazing! Xxx Deandra


excellent, will be back! and u were right on point with everything u said about him :) Jack

AMAZING!! Simply the most uplifting person....sincerely, you have helped me confirm that I AM being sent the answers and I can stop and believe they're correct:) Gloria


I see your search for accurate psychic readings has brought you here. I am so glad that you decided to stop by and visit my site. I love meeting and reading for new people. I decided to offer this new client special to help you make the decision to try one of my readings. I am confident that once I do read for you, you will come back again and again. I consistently offer honest, concise information that is accurate. You can always count on me to consistently tell you the truth by giving you accurate psychic readings so that you can make your best decisions. [click to continue reading]

Every psychic has readings they most love to do. My favorite accurate psychic readings to provide you are power animal or animal spirit guide readings and love readings. I really like to help my clients in BOTH of those areas. They are always fun, always changing and always the most rewarding for me. I get to see huge changes happening. Rest assured that as I am reading you, I am also hearing HUGE lessons for myself. So I am rewarded in many ways from this “job”. [click to continue reading]

Hey, this is Elizabeth and I am so glad you stopped by my site! I know you are looking for an authentic psychic reading. If you know me from other sites, you know I’m authentic. I was on Psychic Chat where I was known as DreamChaser. I was also on Live Person (formerly known as Kasamba) with my real name of Elizabeth. My clients range from presidents of major corporations to homemakers. My “down home southern” style puts everyone at ease and my manner and reading style are more conversational than “mystic”. [click to continue reading]

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Psychic Elizabeth Discusses Mind Reading

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Do you expect your lover, friends, family, etc. to be proficient at mind reading? Do you expect them to just know what you want without having to ask them for it? Every day I talk to clients who tell me that this person needs to do this or that to make said client happy. Every […]

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Reasons To Believe

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Psychic Elizabeth Discusses Hopelessness

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On a daily basis, as I am reading for my clients, I see abject hopelessness. I find myself reiterating points, defending prior readings and deflecting personal attacks all in the name of convincing this client that what I said not only can, but will, happen. I’m glad to report that this does not happen with […]

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